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STAT Times: E-commerce big fillip for P2F conversions

PEMCO Director of Conversion Programs Mike Andrews discusses the passenger-to-freighter conversion market in STAT Times’ July 2017 issue.

Replacement of ageing airplanes, in addition to the industry’s growth requirements, will create a demand for 2,480 freighter deliveries over the next 20 years. Of these, 1,560 will be passenger airplane conversions, reveals Boeing’s recently released Current Market Outlook.  This just underlines the fact that the market for passenger-to-freighter conversions just got bigger and better.

Andrews shared: “The acquisition cost for the B737-800 is much higher than the -700 and not as cost effective for the time being. We expect the -800 to be of more interest around 2020.”

Read: E-commerce big fillip for P2F conversion

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