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PEMCO Redelivers Second Conversion for Columbian Air Force

TAMPA, Florida (October 18, 2013) — PEMCO World Air Services (PEMCO) announces the redelivery of a second 737‐400 converted aircraft to AAR Corporation and end customer Fuerza Aérea Colombiana (FAC).

This second aircraft is a 737-400 Combi capable of carrying four and a half full 88×125 positions of freight and 72 passengers simultaneously. The newly converted, state‐of-the-art aircraft will be used for special missions in support of various Colombian Air Force and humanitarian efforts. The functionality and unique capabilities of these converted aircraft make them a perfect fit for accomplishing a variety of missions for the FAC.

PEMCO’s 737-400 Combi was selected for its superior mission capabilities and unrivaled two million hours of safe, reliable operations. Reports from Columbia indicate both aircraft operating flawlessly at a high level and meeting expectations while transporting cargo often at a moment’s notice when reliability is not an option.

About FAC: The Fuerza Aérea Colombiana is the Air Force of the Republic of Colombia. The Colombian Air Force (FAC) is one of the three institutions of the Armed Forces of Colombia, whose principal purpose is to exercise and maintain control of Colombia’s airspace to defend the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order. It is one of the largest Latin American air forces and it plays an important role in the fight against narco-terrorism.

About PEMCO World Air Services: With five decades of tested and proven aircraft support, PEMCO is a major provider of aircraft maintenance and engineered services to commercial air carriers in North America. PEMCO has become an undisputed world leader in passenger-to-freighter conversions (second only to Boeing). PEMCO is headquartered in Tampa, Florida with partner operations in Asia and Latin America. For more information, please visit www.pemcoair.com or call +1-813-322-9600.

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