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Pemco Conversions featured in Air Commerce Magazine – The advance of e-commerce, and the demand for freighters.

Pemco Conversions’ Mike Andrews, Director, Conversion Programs was featured in Aircraft Commerce speaking to how the B737 supports “The advance of e-commerce, and the demand for freighters.” in the June/July publication.  Mike Andrews, director of conversion
programmes at Pemco, another leading narrowbody P2F converter, shares some of Convey’s views on the Chinese context. “In 2006 when we stood up the P2F conversions line in China, there were only two or three air operators hauling freight in China. Now there are two major players, SF and YTO, but all these smaller operators working with the larger companies. China is a really complex area. The government has to give permission to open up a new company. It has the potential for a lot of growth, but it will not happen overnight.” click here to read the full article Full Aircraft Commerce Article

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