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Whether it is from Pemco’s main base in Tampa, Florida or at a partner operation in Asia or the Americas – Pemco is positioned to provide experienced crews to ensure your technical needs are met and get your aircraft in the air safely and swiftly.

Tampa, Florida

Headquarters Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida Pemco/Tampa AOG

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Our Tampa base includes 320,000 square feet of hangar bays, and expansive well-equipped hangar ramps are ideal for time sensitive modifications and minor maintenance.

This major on-line location brings Pemco Conversions’ top operations performance ratings in safety, quality, reliability, span time and cost to customers to a convenient on-line location. Tampa International Airport provides a sizable pool of highly trained aircraft technicians. Customers enjoy the benefits including competitive rates and proven top technical operations performance.



and GAMECO/Guangzhou

Office: +86 20-8612-4441
Fax: +86-531-5880-2833
Mobile: +86-178-5312-1737

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In Asia, we provide a variety of MRO and other aviation related services for our international customers through global partnerships.

This arrangement benefits customers and is another example of our global reach and commitment. We have provided comprehensive aircraft maintenance and PTF modification services to Asia-region customers for nearly a decade. STAECO/Jinan has performed dozens of Pemco 737-300/400 PTF installations in conjunction with Pemco’s onsite PTF experts. GAMECO/Guangzhou was named a Pemco aircraft conversion partner in 2017.

Latin America

Costa Rica

COOPESA / San Jose

Phone: +506 2437 2828
Mobile: +1-813-951-6838
Fax: +1-813-877-5256

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Pemco’s newest PTF cooperation is with COOPESA at its San Jose Costa Rica base, thereby providing convenient and attractive PTF and MRO operations for Pemco’s North and South America-based customers.

In San Jose, Costa Rica, PEMCO Conversions provides freighter conversion capacity to meet extraordinary demand for our market-leading B737-300 & -400 freighters and offers an attractive option for Latin American and European customers seeking freighter conversions. Combining Pemco’s renowned cargo conversion and COOPESA’s highly capable workforce and decades of B737 maintenance and heavy structure experience ensures customers realize excellent value and service.

North America

United States

Fax: +1-813-877-5256

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KF Aerospace, Kelowna
+1 250-491-5500
Fax: +1-813-877-5256

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Not only does Tampa, Florida serve as our corporate location but it also houses up to three lines of conversion capacity with the leading narrowbody conversion team in North America.

Combining the experience of more than 350 total conversions with convenience of an on-line location. Our customers are continually impressed with our commitment to on time service and on budget quality at our Tampa International Airport location.

KF Aerospace in Kelowna, CN is a long standing partner that provides technical expertise, quality work, reliability and continued after induction support. This combination has provided an additional North American location for our customers to access additional capacity within the region. Providing options to our customers to better meet their needs for quality, capacity, and reliability drives our partnerships across the globe.