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Experience, expertise and service. Know-how you can rely on.

It’s results that matter and Pemco’s unbeatable combination of quality, reliability and value have made their innovative conversions sought by customers from all around the world. This innovation is championed by their Engineering team that brings experience and creativity to your conversion project. Pemco provides the very best technical solution at sensible economics to ensure operators of Pemco freighters have sustainable market advantage.


Engineering provides reliable, competitive solutions and service to aircraft owners and operators. Specializing in airline support-before, during, and after the conversions. Our dedicated staff brings diverse levels of knowledge and experience to a variety of services.


Certification and Projects offers a variety of services including design, integration, and coordination of certification activities associated development. We also oversee all fabrication, assembly, kitting, and installation activities; thereby, providing program control from the conceptual phase to product delivery and customer support. Pemco’s highly skilled engineering staff is keenly attuned to assist through all aspects of the conversion. They consistently deliver quality, safe, reliable airplanes while helping control costs by applying their expertise in narrowbody conversions. With an average of 15 years experience, you can trust our team to deliver your engineering requirements.


Every Pemco crewmember takes pride in meeting company commitments to our customers – that means safety and reliability first… but it also means keeping aircraft on schedule. Every plane. Every time.