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Why choose a Pemco Conversions Aircraft? The Pemco Conversions provide the highest weights and volumes available due to use of OEM data together with high quality engineering design and floor beam reinforcement results in industry’s highest allowable running loads and highest total payload without frequent revenue robbing floor beam inspection intervals like other STCs.

With hundreds of conversions and over 26 freighter platforms, our customers have choices to meet their needs. Providing one of the most efficient conversions on the market through our proven conversions process that maintains budget while meeting turn time is what has made us the B737 narrowbody conversion market leader.

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The B737-700F Pemco-converted aircraft features nine pallet positions, up to 45,000 pounds of payload, and 3,844 cubic feet of total volume. The available positions will accommodate 88” x 125” or 88” x 108” pallets, with the ninth position accommodating a smaller pallet.

737-700 Full Freighter


The first of its kind, the Pemco B737-700FC offers three configurations: a 24-passenger cabin plus a 2,640-cubic-foot cargo hold for up to 30,000 pounds of payload in six pallet positions; a 12-passenger cabin plus a 3,005-cubic-foot cargo hold for up to 35,000 pounds of payload in seven pallet positions; or full-freighter mode consisting of a 3,370-cubic-foot cargo hold for up to 40,000 pounds of payload in eight pallet positions. The available positions will accommodate 88” x 125” or 88” x 108” pallets, with the seventh and eighth positions accommodating smaller pallets.

737-700 FlexCombi Conf A

737-700 FlexCombi Conf B

737-700 FlexCombi Conf C




The 400F High Yield embodies each of the advanced features of Pemco’s market leading third generation design. Unlike competing products, all of its 48,000 lb. payload and 4,600 cu. ft. main deck volume can be utilized to generate unparalleled profit. Its superior hauling capabilities include position limits up to 11,000 pounds, the ability to handle a wide variety of containers and pallets (e.g. 88″ x 125″, 108″ x 125″, 96″ x 125″, LD-9, military pallets, demi LD-3, AEH, HazMat containers), horses and handlers, relief mission, rapid response and other “special mission” personnel.


The 400F Alternate High Density can be loaded with eight full-size 96″x 125″ positions plus one 88″ x 125″ positions with advanced floor reinforcements, enabling some of the highest position weights in the industry. Cargo handling system options are operator-configurable.

B737 400 11 PS HYF


The standard 400C configuration offers four ULD in the forward cargo area for full size containers or pallets with a 25,000 lb. payload, including capacity for a CFM56 engine and fixed seating for 66 or 72 passengers, distinguish the versatile, multi-purpose mission capability of the world’s only 400 Combi.

B737 400 Combi



The 300F offers nine pallet positions including eight full-size container or pallets and one smaller container or pallet. The full-featured cargo handling system includes retractable sill plate and over-rideable side restraints, all engineered to withstand the loading and unloading stress of the 737-300’s 43,100-pound maximum payload.

B737 300 Full Freighter

Quick Change

With the freight hauling capacity of eight full-size containers (due to the retention of the aft galley/lav complex), and the versatility of a 30-minute changeover time to haul up to 147 passengers, the 300QC provides optimum versatility. The QC features a Class E interior and numerous FAA-approved passenger interior configurations (LOPAs).

B737 300 Quick Change

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